Color Palette Meme

Tintin, Capt. Haddock & Prof. Calculus, 16, 3, 10, as requested by neoperiwinkle

Queen Elora of Avalar greeting her old /friend/, Spyro, the Leader of Artisans 

Autumn is my favorite time of the year so you might /not/ be surprised that Autumn Plains has always been my fav home world in Spyro 2. Autumn this year has been very beautiful here where I live and I suppose that inspired me to draw my original OTP being extremely adorable?

now, i would imagine this is exactly what all of you want to see, right? i was feeling risky tonight and danger gets me excited, so why the hell not! so, have a drawing of the komodo brothers Moe and Joe making out hahahaha! i’m taking a risk since i just got +300 followers and tbh i think you are all here for the dorb and not for your childhood video game characters making out with their siblings.

i am trash, utter nuclear waste, because of these two dorks. Jedi masters Kit Fisto and Plo Koon are precious and need to be protected. I also ship the living crap out of them hehhah lol lel but it’s up to the viewer if this is a bromantic or romantic kiss…

Lord Jin and Lady Mei enjoying the warm colors of a summer afternoon

I finally started re-drawing the reference sheets of our KFP characters, and Lady Mei was the first one to go!

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I was browsing my old art folders and found a drawing of Yoshimitsu that I was so proud back then (in 2007). I decided to re-draw it….

Rudolf and Tikka

Rudolf (the big, greenish wolf with the silver mane) is one of my dearest RP characters ever and it’s been too long since I’ve drawn him. I used to RP as him in 2006-2008 in a Finnish role play game made for weirdly colored dogs (the RP’s name was ‘Colordogs’ after all…). Tikka is Jukke’s character, a female canine, who became Rudi’s apprentice (and the mother of their puppy, Eiche). 

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I know the lezurd feels………. although just with Razoff, but STILL