Color Palette Meme

Doctor N. Gin, 14, as requested by enujin

Color Palette Meme

Mr. Ping, 17, as requested by nosceteipsum000

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I thought the faun’s name was Elora?

There is a faun named Elora C: But in the same game there’s a stage (Fracture Hills) in Autumn Plains where there’s a bunch of satyrs and fauns. There are four, identical, grey/blue faun girls who are named Krista, Spinner, Lila and Sheila :) 

in the series of “everyone is gay in Spyro”: Sheila the Kangaroo charming Lila the Faun with her silly compliments

awww yeaaa

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FUCKING. GODZILLA SHIRT. GIMME. Also amazing drawing, I… yes.

fun fact: i’ve had that kind of a Godzilla shirt since 2008 ;ww; it’s one of my fav shirts ever!!

"Good times, good times..."

Morat and Yusuf Khadem, aka Moe and Joe aka the Komodo Brothers as seen in the modern day AU neoperiwinkle and I have created.

Lemme tell u something [grabs a beer] these two are going to be the death of me and even tho i hate them, i love them and they are my precious babies. THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN and they will always be, because holy crap these idiots have a great bond and they make each other happy and they are best friends and abubububuu i could talk about them for days :__:

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HANDSOME /screams

I KNOW RIGHT ?? like holy shit i hate this character but i am madly in love with him and HOW CAN U NOT FALL FOR SOMEONE WHO LOOKS LIKE THIS +???

[ugly sobbing] i hate him so muuuuuch

Theophilus Hopper (western AU) 

I have posted something about Steadyrock earlier, and if you are not aware, it’s a western au for a bunch of pixar/disney/dreamworks characters, made by neoperiwinkle and I. This one here is the humanized version of Hopper, the main villain from A Bug’s Life. 

is this a thing? drawing CB villains beaten up and bleeding ?? well for me it seems like it. Poor Victor and Moritz. i’m so sorry that you, too, are the victims of my weird fascination….