Moe and Joe, the Komodo Dragon brothers from Crash Bandicoot 2

i haven’t been on my computer for a while so i got the time to draw traditionally - and use my promarkers once more! I wanted to draw Tawna because i’ve been drawing grumpy old men lately and needed a change. (and yay u can see my original red sketch too)

everyone else gets like those super cool Charizard x Machamp pokefusions and what do i get?…


i give myself feels in my tags, tbh.  

Nitrus apparently transformed himself into an Artisan/Magic Crafter dragon (from Spyro), Nina is the Princess King who wants to rule the world w/ her wooden sword and the help of his gay uncles, and Tropy (stole Sir Daniel Fortesque’s golden armor) is fucking ready for some good old bloodshed.

ugh here’s watercolor komodo moe. enjoy if you can

"He makes me laugh."

idek Tawna and Crash are pretty cute and they remind me a lot A LOT of Jessica and Roger Rabbit UvU

it was 2 am and i was tired but didnt’ want to sleep so i figured out that perhaps bright migraine colours could keep me awake. so here’s coco going to get the D

Neo kissing his boyfriend’s headache away

your human komodo joe is hottt

Just because you CAN draw gay dragons doesn’t necessarily mean that you SHOULD draw gay dragons¬†

but here i am, drawing gay dragons from Spyro the Dragon, so say hello to Titan and Cosmos who have been my fav dragons from the said game for the longest time. 

Titan is the overly romantic gentle handsome giant who takes good care of his fairy-of-a-boyfriend.