Do you ever got those “I have no feels for this character but i still have headcanons for him/her and AUGH SUDDENLY ALL THE FEELS GOODBYE I AM DIE”? Yeah, me neither…

A headcanon where young MU student Abigail Hardscrabble got herself involved in an affair with her Scare-teacher, Prof. Richards. and bada-boom, she didn’t exactly graduate in four years since the last year of her studies she got knocked up and gave birth to her only child whom she named Jonathan.

Of course Gail’s parents weren’t too happy to hear that their young daughter had an illegitimate child (with a teacher much older than her) @w@
There’s only a few monsters that know about Jonathan since Gail, still, treats him like a secret. He lived with his mom (Richardson had no idea that he had a son with Gail) and they had more or less a bit cold relationship, even to this day. Jonathan wasn’t permitted to go to MU or FT even though he really would like to become a Scarer, too.

I haven’t decided. did Gail and Richardson just break up or did Richardson die. I find the idea of him getting a lethal decease from the human world appealing but I might change that just yet.

ALSO his and Jonathan’s colours may change a bit if i ever draw them again.