Prokhor & Krikor, sons of Malefor and Cynder.

I re-drew an old drawing of my spyro oc’s. yes welcome back to 2008 when i was in the tlos fandom and my otp had children [war flashbacks]. i suppose their element was fire (or is it dark fire?? anyways the same cynder had in a new beginning) and they were both intelligent and prone to violence. Oh, and Prokhor is the one w/ yellow eyes, Krikor’s the one w/ blue.

Adult Spyro

I drew ASOIAF dragons in The Legend of Spyro style.

First there is Drogon, the strongest of the dragon brothers. Possibly a fear dragon since his colours are red and black.

Then there’s Rhaegal, who is either a poison dragon or an earth dragon.

And last there is Viserion. I think he would be a wind dragon.

Teenage Malefor from the story I wrote about him.

Spyro OC: Hathor.

She was in this story I wrote about Malefor and his childhood/teenage years.
Hathor was a wind/air dragon, Malefor’s closest friend and for everyone’s surprise there were no romantic feelings between them.
Actually Hathor got killed by him when they were adults…

Malefor and Cynder from the Legend of Spyro game series.

Sorry, everybody, but Malefor/Cynder is my otp. And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to see it in this picture. My original intention in 2009 was to make them look like a leader and his second in command.